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For the past two years Gladys Cleaning Service has provided diligent and professional cleaning for us. Even before our two elderly dogs passed away, they were attentive to their surroundings. We admire their flexibility, thoughtfulness, and most of all, trustworthiness. As a professional cleaning service, they continue to improve their skills by attending numerous workshops. Thank you, Gladys Cleaning Service, and best of luck in the future.
Sally & Allen
Ocala, Florida

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This is my First Blog News , Just got my website posted check back with us see some cleaning tips<a href="index.php?mod=addnews&action=addnews#""document.getElementById('full_story').contentWindow.document.execCommand('InsertImage', false, 'http://gladyscleaning.com/blog/data/emoticons/smile.gif'); return false;"><img style="border: medium none;" alt="smile" src="data/emoticons/smile.gif"></a>

Posted on Jan 28 2011 by gladys

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